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2017-10-09 12:06 am
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Yuletide 2017 Letter

AO3 name: Nary

Fandoms requested: The Venture Bros, Gentlemen of the Road - Michael Chabon, Oglaf (Webcomic), Books of the Raksura - Martha Wells, JourneyQuest, Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic

Dear Yuletide author, thank you for writing something for me! I'm really looking forward to your story, whatever it turns out to be :)

General stuff: I love stories where things happen, where characters come out of the story changed in some way, even if it's a subtle change. I especially love the interactions between characters, dialogue, snark, personality clashes, confessions, romance. I love stories that don't provide oversimplified resolutions to complex situations, where things aren't necessarily all neatly wrapped up at the end - it's okay if everything's not happily ever after, as long as there's some hope for the future. I like fic that challenges traditional gender roles and expectations. I love humour, as highbrow or lowbrow as you like, depending on what suits the story. Please feel free to include other characters from any of these canons in supporting roles, or to make up original characters, whatever works for your story.

While I feel that porn can easily be the meat (heh) of a story, I like it best when it is wrapped in at least a delicate layer of plot, and when I can believe that it's these particular characters having sex. But I really and truly am open to fic of any rating! If you are more of a fade-to-black sort of author, that's fine; if you want to show me non-shippy character interaction - friendship, rivalry, adventure, introspection - that's great too. However, if you do feel inspired to go the more porny route, I love m/m, f/f, m/f, threesomes, foursomes, moresomes, poly relationships, bisexuality, kink - and I'm very hard to squick, so don't worry about that. (If you want to read more about my porny likes/dislikes/ideas, you can get an idea by reading my Yuleporn comment.) Please no non-canon deaths or completely depressing endings, otherwise let your imagination run wild!

All the rest of this is just in case you feel more comfortable writing with some idea or starting point to go on - if you have a different idea, please go for it. So, on to the specific fandoms!

Gentlemen of the Road - Michael Chabon (Amram, Zelikman)

More adventures of the greatest con men and thieves of the 10th century, please! Either pre- or post-canon would be fine. The book really gives the sense that they've had so many adventures and so much history together, and anything that shows a bit more of that would be wonderful. Other places they've travelled or other mishaps they've gotten themselves into? I love the banter and the snark and the obvious affection (even if it's sometimes strained by circumstances) between Amram and Zelikman. If you view this as a romantic pairing and want to develop their relationship so that it includes sex, that's great - if you don't, they can be platonic life partners and that's also great! Basically either way I'm happy!

Oglaf (Orc Captain)

What is the war that the New Model Army are engaged in, and how well do their tactics work? (Skin to win!) How did the orc captain rise to her current position of power? What does she like to do in her spare time? Basically tell me more about her! (If we matched on something else but you want to try a different fandom this one is only three comic strips long: starting here)

The Venture Bros. (Jonas Venture Sr., The Original Blue Morpho, Horace Gentleman, Kano (Venture Bros))

I'm curious about the escapades of the original Team Venture, and particularly how the original Blue Morpho fits into them. He and Kano seem to have been vigilantes who were at least in some situations allied with Team Venture, but in other situations opposed to them -
I'd be fascinated to see how they worked in practice. It also seems like the Blue Morpho and Jonas socialized together behind the scenes, so you could tell me more about that!

Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic (Cadugan, Lucas Greyfort)

I'd like something that explores Lucas and Cadugan's gloriously snarky/sweet relationship. If you want to just stick to the two of them and the various challenges they face (Lucas's family curse, his obligation to produce an heir, tension between Cadugan's love for the wilderness and castle life, the current situation with the destruction of the Black Mountain, future adventures, etc.), that's great, but on the other hand please also feel free to incorporate any other characters from the comic as well if it works for your plot! I'd definitely be intrigued to see what happens if Wolf and Cadugan ever meet again, for instance, and where things might go from there... Or if any of Lucas's past girlfriends show up, or the ghost of his father interferes further, that could be interesting too! Whatever ensues, I would prefer for Lucas and Cadugan to ultimately end up together, but if there are emotional complications, arguments, gender-bending, threesomes, that's fine. I love the humour of the comic too, so if you can incorporate any of that flavour, that's great.

JourneyQuest (Carrow, Death, Miad, Daggie)

This is really two sets of prompts (so if you pick one, you are not at all obliged to include the other two characters - although if you can think of a way to combine them, go for it!)

So first, Miad and Daggie! I'd love to see more of how they became friends, what challenges they've faced in running the Beard & Bonnet, or what you think might become of them further down the road. I'm very open to shipping them with one another, or keeping them as gal pals, whatever you prefer!

Second, Carrow and Death. I've been fascinated to see the progression of Carrow's storyline as he falls further into undeath and away from humanity. Death's obviously interested in him too, although her reasons are (I suspect) more complex that what she's stated (that she's intrigued because he's a free-willed undead). I'm interested in something that explores his revulsion/attraction to her, and her manipulation of him.

Books of the Raksura - Martha Wells (Consolation, First, Kethel, Shade)

I fell in love with Consolation and her companions First and Kethel (or whatever Kethel's name is...) I would like to see more of what happens to them after the events of the series. Do they succeed in their efforts to make a home for themselves and live among the Raksura? What are some things they have to learn, or do differently from the Raksura? Scenes of attempted domesticity are great - I adore Kethel's love of stories, for instance, and having his hair braided. How does Consolation take care of her people, or negotiate with other Queens?

Shade is an optional inclusion here - if you want to stick to the Fellborn court making a home and trying to learn about life, that's great, no need to include him. I admit I'm super curious what would happen if Shade ever met Consolation, though. No doubt he would have a lot of complicated feelings surrounding the Fellborn and his own past, and resentment of the expectation that he ought to help them or have anything in common with them, and it would be interesting to see if he could overcome those issues, or how it might play out.
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